Inner knowing

I help people who long to awaken to their full potential. This includes releasing action blocks, replacing confusion with certainty,  empowering you to dare to manifest your dreams, healing old fears and hurt, increasing intuition.

Perhaps most importantly it includes living a fully actualized life of embodied spiritual awakening.

I have not known, nor can I imagine a person who does not sense that our human potential is far vaster than our day-to-day experience.

Human potential expands further than the reaches of the mind.  And it can be actualized.  I can help you.

There is an omnipresent, universal field, perhaps we could call it a vibrant essence, a field of pure consciousness, a universal mind, that underlies and connects everything in creation. It connects to us, it lives through us. We are one with it.  We can awaken to it. It moves all of life forward … with it…. to it…. as it.

But how can we consciously tap into this field? Our  bodies “know” and sense this underlying field. We forget to turn within to remember it.  Our bodies spontaneously “know” how to live without any training.  And our bodies know more than how to breath, digest food, rest, heal, love.  Our bodies have an inner brilliance that senses and knows deeply the next step needed to move life forward. This inner, embodied knowing shows up in what Eugene Gendlin calls a “felt sense”.  In the early 70’s Gendlin developed a method that he calls “Focusing”.  A process which assists us to open to inner, embodied knowing and sensing.

Sometimes we forget to listen to our bodies; we disconnect from that inner brilliance.  Using Inner Relationship Focusing, I can help you remember how to  access, open to,  and be with your felt senses. You will connect to a universal, life forward energy that lives in and as you.

Just as water “knows” how to flow downhill, our bodies know how to move us forward and out of helplessness, stagnation, pain and suffering. But just as water sometimes encounters obstacles in its path, we too sometimes encounter obstacles.  Fortunately, deep within we also know how to resolve, integrate, release or flow around those obstacles. Let me guide you to access this inner knowing that is already and always there.

Life will move forward as it always, effortlessly, already knows how to do.  And this will assist in your embodied awakening.

I look forward to helping you.


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