Private Sessions

I would love to connect with you.

One-to-one. Over the phone, on Skype, or in person. From the outside, we might look simply as two people in conversation. And we will be that. Perhaps the biggest difference between our conversations and ones you may have with a friend over tea is that I will hold whatever you want to tell me as sacred. I will deeply honor what you express to me with whatever emotions come with it. You might want to share a story from your childhood, remembered with happiness, sadness, anger, or confusion. Or perhaps you want to describe something happening in the present. I will hold all that you relate as something important that your Being wants to express.

Private session imageThe questions I ask will be in the interest of getting to know you better. Whatever you share, my goal will be to treat your feelings with respect and gentleness. As I learn more about you, I will be able to listen and hold you in ways that give you both freedom and connection.

I will also I listen for a piece of thread, however tender, that I can gently tug to help you investigate more deeply. These vulnerable areas often turn out to be your personal gateways to remarkable growth.

I have found that our best work can be done when someone leads us to our scary parts with great holding capacity and compassion, and with a welcoming embrace of all our material.

This process of relaxing into what you are experiencing will bring you more light and space in your daily life. You may feel less constricted, more able to make different choices, and more comfortable in your body. And, in time, you may find that you are experiencing an awakening—but not one that is separate from your incarnate life. Rather, your awakening will land more deeply in your body and life, embracing rather than resisting it. You will begin living finite and infinite in an increasingly integrated ways.

Cielle Stacey cropped Jan 2013While I may at times coax, or even coach, I trust that you are unique and that your path is uniquely yours. I will not guide you so much as hold a space for you as you direct your own awakening.

I want to create a space of trust with you in which your Being can unfold its mystery. I want to create a space with you in which you can  unwrap those tight places that are binding the divine you, keeping it cramped. As we work together to free up energy and attention, your Being will naturally expand to shine with the light it is meant to reveal.


Private sessions generally last one hour. $50 per hour. Sliding scale available.


schedule a session

I invite you to use my on-line scheduler to book a session.

Here are a few hints to help you out.

You can choose to connect via Skype, phone or in person.

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If you have any trouble with my scheduler, please go to my contact page on this site and send me a message.

Sliding scale available.