Energetic Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing

Cielle sacred spaceRelease from patterns and energetic blocks

The process of embodied awakening is facilitated by clearing out the residue of “undigested” life experience that is bound in our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Once we are free from these old imprints we are free to be who we truly and have always been. Our true Self that has been hidden beneath the patterns and defenses is free to emerge.

Do you find that you keep being hindered by the same obstacles? Are you still held back by patterns you have long since understood and “worked on”?  Do you repeatedly get “triggered” by now-familiar behaviors of your friends or loved ones?

Consider this: There’s “shadow material”, and there’s also “deep shadow”, that is, parts and patterns of you that evade many kinds of investigation, therapy, and deep work, because they are lodged not just in your psyche, but in your subtle or luminous body. The ancient techniques of the shamans, who worked in indigenous cultures around the world, are about loosening and releasing these deepest blocks.

Since 2007 I have traveled to Peru 12 times and while there I have learned processes based on Peruvian energy medicine that Cielle don Franciscocan help facilitate this release. I have furthered my training in shamanic healing by completing an in depth certificate course in Light Body Healing  through the Four Winds Society.

I offer energetic healing sessions in person, by Skype and by phone. Initial sessions last 2 hours.  Subsequent sessions are generally an hour and a half. $50 per hour. Sliding scale available.