Welcome Home

Cielle June 2012I would love to welcome you home.

More than 40 years ago I had an epiphany, a glimpse of the perfection of my spiritual dimension. A spiritual perfection we all share. The vision was momentary, but at the same time eternal.  It was utterly simple and profound beyond measure. I was enveloped in the endless silence that supports all creation. And I knew with certainty that ultimately I was and we are pure awareness -- unbounded, unmanifest.

At that moment I knew that I was destined to teach others what I witnessed.

I was, at the same time, initiated into a quest to live this vision on a daily basis.  Over time, the pure consciousness that I experienced became anchored in my body, so that I now act fully engaged with the present and the timeless, with the limitless consciousness and the point value of my relative existence.

We call this embodied awakening. It is both a state and a continual journey towards integrated wholeness where we are fundamentally and continually in touch with the sacred in every moment.

Several disciplines have helped me answer the many questions that arose as a result of this vision I had, now so many years ago. The ones I like most for assisting others in awakening are Inner Relationship Focusing, Trillium Awakening, Holotropic Breathwork and Shamanic Energy work.

Using these tools I can help you awaken to your true and total nature.

Invite me to assist you in the surprise of your awakening.

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forest-path-croppedInner Relationship Focusing 

A path to help you explore the inner wisdom of your deeper self and to listen with curiosity and respect to the thoughts, memories, feeling, bodily sensations, and images that arise from within.   I am certified as a Focusing Teacher and guide.


WDTA happy 2013Trillium Awakening

The more than 40 Trillium Awakening teachers in the US and Canada as well as growing Trillium Awakening communities around the world welcome you to explore whole being awakening including awakening to you essential spiritual nature as pure consciousness.


Cielle don FranciscoShamanic Energy Healing 

I have trained with Indigenous Shamanic energy workers in the US, South America and Ireland. This work is especially helpful for healing of deep shadow material as well as helping you learn to navigate the imaginal realms.


Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a term coined by Dr. Stan Grof to describe a process he created that assists us in moving towards our true nature, or wholeness.