Trillium Sittings

I offer Trillium Awakening sittings in my home in Fairfield, Iowa, as well as on-line sittings at times that are workable for those living in US, Canada, UK, and Europe. Here is an introduction to my style of facilitating sittings and the benefits of that style.

What is a Trillium Sitting?
Trillium Awakening work offers several formats for catalyzing awakenings. These formats include private sessions with teachers, retreats, sittings and peer based mutuality group. Each format has enormous impact, though a participant may have preferences among them. Private sessions with teachers are especially powerful when a participant pursues regular, on-going sessions with one or more teachers. Retreats offer gazing and interacting with a larger group of teachers and participants, as well as “small group work,” where sharing is often deep and vulnerable bringing impressive transformation.

Sittings are another opportunity for fostering growth and integrating shifts in our ongoing awakenings. Sitting are generally led by one or two teachers, along with a mentor, and any number of participants.

Freeing Up Energy
Trillium Awakening has been called a spiritual operating system that underlies and supports personal awakening into our true and total nature as both infinite consciousness and limited human manifestation. This operating system supports the freeing up of energy and attention so that we have the awareness to recognize who we truly are. We particularly work to release blocks from old trauma, behavior patterns, and limiting beliefs.

This process of “freeing up” energy does not free us from the limits of being human but allows us to avoid being reduced to them. We begin to live with eyes and hearts wide open to experience and embrace all that is. And as we grow in that radical embrace, life becomes intensely sweet, rich, diverse, fulfilling, and whole.

At Trillium Sittings, we free up this energy in a field of awakened transmission in the presence of trained Trillium Awakening teachers and mentors, and fellow participants. The field of transmission is ramped up at the start of each sitting during a period of gazing. I include mutual peer gazing, which helps cultivate an awareness of what arises in you during the simple act of open-eyed communion with another in a structured environment.

After gazing, there may be a short, guided meditation or exploration followed by a brief discussion.

The remaining time is generally divided equally between the participants, allowing each person time to share with the group. Individual timing may be adjusted slightly according to need.

Safety First
During each person’s time to share with the group, my goal is to create a structure that provides a safe environment for tender or vulnerable feelings or memories. It is often in this poignant, vulnerable territory that much of our energy is locked up. By first seeing and then opening to these vulnerable inner parts, we can integrate them, help them dissolve, or disarm their grip on us.

To provide the needed safety for this investigation, I ask participants not to interrupt each other’s process with questions or advice, either during or after the sitting. (Or even if running into each other later.) I also ask the group to hold each sharing in absolute confidence. And, finally, I ask everyone to hold a sacred space while each person shares—attending not only to the words and feelings of the sharer, but also feelings arising in themselves as they listen.

Time permitting, participants may wish to hear reflections after they share. Each can choose whether to hear any reflections or not, or whether to hear just from specific people.

As a participant shares, I will be watching for opportunities to go even deeper in a process. Or I may offer guidance to help the person ground if he or she is experiencing overwhelming physical or emotional reactions. (We do not attempt to prevent these reactions but just to help participants feel safe during them.) I ask participants to let me know if anything I suggest does not feel right in the moment. Each person is the expert on his or her inner experience.

Many Ways to Share
There are of course many ways for you to use your sharing time. Here are a few examples of what you may wish to share::

- An edge in the unfolding of your full nature. You can always ask me or other teachers and mentors to engage with you in that exploration.
- An old trauma that you are currently unwinding.
- A request for healing touch from anyone in the room.
- An insight, success, or celebration.
- A request for the group to hold you, or a loved one, in consciousness and silently, at a time of challenge.
- A physical expression of your feelings through movement.

Mailing List
If you want to be on a mailing list to be informed about the dates of my sittings, please email me at and let me know if you are interested in my sittings in Fairfield or the ones I give on-line.

Several students have let me know what they enjoy about my sittings
What most stands out to me about Cielle’s sittings is her depth of understanding of the Trillium work is coupled with a brilliance of verbal expression that is both a marvel and an inspiration to me over and over again. In this regard alone she’s a top-of-line Trillium teacher in my humble opinion.  She leaves you wanting more, asking yourself “what’s she going to come up with next time?”.  It’ll be delightful, whatever it is.  That’s for sure.
Paul Lancaster, Fairfield, IA
Cielle's sittings are consistently well organized while remaining creatively responsive to both her participants and her own impulses.  Cielle is able to compassionately maintain the boundaries set forth in her sittings.  It is wonderful to see her hold a limit with someone while her heart is still clearly open in that communication. She is willing and able to own her limits and admit her human shortcomings when needed. 
John P, Fairfield, IA


Cielle offers a perfect balance of holding and balancing the needs of the group, so that each person who wishes to share gets a space for that. She is an exquisite listener showing delicacy, wisdom, empathy, and genuine warmth in her interactions. She knows how to lean into human values that nurture us a whole beings. I feel I can absolutely rely on Cielle's intelligence and heart.
RH, Iowa