Trillium Awakening

Waking Teachers  large fileWorking with Trillium Awakening Teachers powerfully hastened and then helped stabilize my awakening. I knew that through the Trillium path, I had found a tool to help others awaken.  I started attending as many Trillium Awakening courses as I could and soon began the training to be a teacher.  I would love to accompany you on your path of awakening.  I invite you to read the words below to learn more. My friend and fellow Trillium Awakening Teacher, June Konopka, is the primary author of this introduction to the Trillium path.


The Trillium Awakening path exists for our mutual awakening and embodying of Infinite Consciousness. We have found that the direct route to this type of awakening lies not in striving to rise above our human tendencies, but in falling totally into them with conscious awareness. This, along with an investigation of Consciousness, and  transmission of Being, catalyzes a quantum shift in identity. We find that we are no longer exclusively identified with our finite human self, but have shifted to a profound, unshakable, paradoxical knowing of ourselves as unbounded Consciousness and finite matter simultaneously.  Continued deepening in mutuality with others leads to an ever-increasing ability to live a compassionate and skillful divinely human life.

What We Are About

Consciousness:  Our path of awakening includes the investigation and realization of Consciousness as our own fundamental identity, and as the core essence of all life.  This realization is made possible in our work through the direct imparting of the awakened condition from one individual to another. This involves a living transmission of “Being” that simultaneously nurtures and challenges the receiver to claim this awakened condition as his/her own. The further enlivenment of the student’s state of Self-awareness is facilitated by engaging in optional gazing meditations, private sessions with awakened teachers, self-inquiry, and spending time listening to and reading available books, CD’s, videos, and other writings.  In a relatively short time, students may notice that something is shifting in them, and that this shift is clearly having an impact on almost every aspect of their lives.  Within a few years, most active students complete this transition of awakening into what we call the “second birth”.

Embodiment:   Trillium Awakening (TA) teachers guide the student to awaken as Divine Consciousness in this human form.  Because of this full presence in the body, it is our experience that students may re-encounter difficult feelings and material from their past.  We encourage each individual to follow the prompts of their own being, learning to allow and be with all that is arising in their bodies and feelings.  Even though integrating these emotions and feelings is a natural part of the embodiment process, feelings may be intense and move quickly at times.  We recommend that participants use their TA teachers, mentors, and friends as support during this process.  Support teams can also include other therapeutic modalities outside the TA community.  In addition, several TA teachers are trained in helpful therapeutic and shamanic modalities.

The Embodiment aspect of the Trillium path also refers to the descent of the Divine into this human form.  This involves a gradual embracing and claiming of our innate magnificence, universal support, and interconnected creative purpose. The unfolding of each individual’s unique soul nature is celebrated in the Trillium Awakening community.

Mutuality:  Much of our healing and unfolding of Self can only occur in relationship with others. Others can call us forward to be all that we are. Others can greenlight us in wounded places that we often reject. Others can do for us what we often cannot do for ourselves, initially.  Valuing mutuality, we agree to try to do our best to honor our own true selves in all communication and action, while simultaneously honoring and respecting others who are attempting to do the same.  We continuously cultivate a respect for the validity of each person’s unique perspective, as well as a willingness to be with the inevitable discomfort of the differences between our truth and that of others.  We understand that while there is an egalitarian honoring of each other’s truth and essence in Being, mutuality simultaneously calls us to respect the natural structures of eldership in our process.

What We Provide

Our intention is to provide a supportive and trustworthy container in which participants are deeply and profoundly met and seen in all their Conscious Radiance, as well as their very human limitations. We welcome each individual to come forward as a divinely human being.  Awakened teachers and mentors provide individual and group guidance, reflection, holding, and transmission of the Awakened state.  At the same time, they honor each person’s inner wisdom and intuition to know what they need for their own unique Path.

Sittings are held in local areas where teachers live or visit.  Trillium Awakening participants gather for several hours and sit with a teacher, and any mentors that also live in the area.  Sittings may include gazing meditation with the teacher and mentors, discussion of the process of embodied awakening, participant sharing of experiences, and deep holding in mutuality.  Sittings provide support and quickening of the process.

Readings and recordings  are available through and through websites of individual teachers.

Day-long, weekend, and longer in-residence events are offered throughout the year in different parts of the country.  Attending these group events tends to enliven and accelerate the unique process of each participant.  A complete listing of events is available on .  You can also ask to be put on local and national e-mail lists, as well as e-mail lists of individual teachers.

Private sessions with Trillium Awakening teachers can be arranged by contacting the teacher, or teachers, you are drawn to work with.  The teachers wholeheartedly and energetically call you forward into your awakening through their transmission and deep holding.  Meet and read about the teachers on  Most teachers are available by phone, Skype and in person.  Ideally, a student would speak with a teacher privately anywhere from once a week to once a month.

Mentoring sessions by advanced Trillium Awakening participants who are trained mentors can provide support and companionship on your journey.  They have recently come through the very process that you are now considering, and offer a unique prospective.

Phone Bridge Groups offer a way for participants to stay connected, even though they live far apart.  They are especially valuable for people who are unable to attend sittings in person due to geographic constraints.  Some phone bridges offer tele-courses by individual teachers.

Fees and Donations: Since most events and sessions require the participation of one or more teachers, there will often be a donation or required fee to support the teachers.  Our mentors are volunteers, but donations for mentoring sessions are accepted for our scholarship fund.

Other Considerations

Confidentiality:   For the sake of nurturing mutual trust and respect, it is important to maintain confidentiality regarding the details of the lives and processes of those who share information about themselves in teaching situations.  What is discussed in a group (2 people or more) is assumed to be held by the group in confidence. The intent of this guideline is to create a safe container in which participants can share and express tender and vulnerable parts of themselves if they choose to do so.  It is also meant to raise each individual’s awareness and sensitivity to the complex feelings of others, and to discourage casual and negative gossip. This guideline is not intended to obstruct the free sharing of information which individuals do not consider private.

Boundaries: Even though touch and physical holding is offered to participants at appropriate times in their process, we recognize the importance of maintaining boundaries around touch, and romantic/sexual feelings. To foster mutual trust, we ask that participants not touch each other without first asking permission. This does not include handshakes, mutually chosen hugs, and other commonly accepted forms of non-sexual touch.  It is recommended that romantic feelings that arise between participants be handled in a manner that honors spouses and other committed relationships.

Our teachers and mentors have agreed to not act on any sexual or romantic impulses towards any Trillium Awakening participant while that participant is actively one of their current students. They also have agreed to seek advice from other teachers in the work regarding romantic impulses they may have toward any other Trillium Awakening student, before acting on the impulse.

Due Diligence: The Trillium Awakening path that takes real time to investigate before naturally and organically entering into a deeper involvement.  We encourage all who are approaching this work to take their time to explore this teaching and the ways it is being lived.  The teachers invite all your questions and concerns.

For more information, visit., which features photos and biographies of teachers, mentors, event information, and resources to support your exploration of the Trillium Awakening work.