Energetic Empowerments

Munay- Ki, energetic rites from Peru

Cielle and Pamela healingThe Munay-Ki are a series of nine energetic rites from Peru. They are empowerments that allow us to step into our strength. They wonderfully complement the energetic healing practices I offer. The word "Munay"  does not have a direct translation into English but is related to the concept of love.  The energetic center of Munay in our bodies is the area of the heart. Combined with the word "Ki" the meaning moves into the area of love in action and encompasses far more than human love. The Munay-Ki heal and transform your human energy field, the luminous body that surrounds your physical body. These rites initiate healing, harmony, protection, enhanced perception and more. As seeds or initiations they will grow in you over time. On your path of ever-awakening mutuality these currents of healing and clear perception will spontaneously unfold in service of yourself and others.

These rites come from Peruvian descendants of the great Inka and older nations. For centuries they preserved their knowledge even in the face of European invasion. In the latter part of the 20th century the descendants of the Q’ero, Chimu, Moche and other cultures began actively revealing their traditions including energy healing and initiatory rites to people outside their immediate communities.  I have the good fortune of studying with  modern teachers whom native Peruvians have trained and endorse. While in Peru, I have worked with many native energy healers directly.

I generally offer the Munay-Ki rites in person.  If you live too far away to receive them in person, I can also give them to you remotely.

For short descriptions of each of the 9 Munay Ki rites, click here.