Illumination Process

cielle-sacred-space-smallThe Illumination process is an important core piece of my energetic healing work. Let me share with you a bit about it.  As a result of disappointing, painful or traumatic experience our energetic body and Chakras get stressed and compromised.  Our Chakras and the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds our bodies, is generally able to heal such wounds but occasionally that healing is interrupted.  Heavy energy then collects around those invisible wounds. Over time, if the wound is not healed a kind of sludge builds up in the Chakra. My role is to help you to release that heavy energy from the Chakras and the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds your body.

There are two keys to making this process work - Sensing and Breathing. If you help with both sensing and breathing, this healing process is very effective.


Before we start the process there will be time for you to briefly share with me verbally the issue, situation or ailment around which you want healing. Your telling of your story begins to prepare your body for release. Even while we are in conversation about situations in your life around which you would like change, be prepared to feel the bodily sensations and emotions connected with that issue. Once we start the process, a lot of talking is not necessary.

Give yourself permission to be present as inner exploration arises during this process. This will include allowing physical sensations to emerge as well as to allow any emotions to be there. Many people have stuffed feelings down and have told themselves that it is not OK to feel deeply, especially "negative" emotions such as grief, fear, anger, disappointment, sorrow, or pain.  In this process all emotions are welcome both strong and subtle. There is benefit to sensing what is arising when healing is invoked. You are welcome to give expression to any emotions or sensations that arise or you may just abide in noticing those feelings.


While you are sensing, I will lead you to take steady, even,  breaths throughout much of the process. I will instruct you to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

You will use your breath to aid in trusting the ground of being that holds you during this process. Your breath also assists in the release of heavy or stuck energy.

My Part

I am merely a conduit for Spirit to work through me to support you. You are the one doing the work and I am simply assisting you. Think of me as if I am a midwife. If we are working in person some of the time, I will be placing my hands at the base of your skull  to assist your Luminous Field to release stuck, heavy energy. If we are working via Skype or telephone I will do a similar holding remotely.  I will  instruct you from time to time to continue the breathing through your feelings and I make sure that your attention is on feeling what is arising.  I may help you to release heavy energy using the sound of a rattle or song.

medicine-work-small-sizeThe sound of the rattle can help break that sludge that collects in the Chakras into smaller pieces in order for it to release from you easier. Think of a clogged drain and how it needs something to break up the clog. Once that heavy energy is broken into smaller pieces, complete the release is easy. I will also energetically break up and remove blocks that I perceive elsewhere in your Luminous Energy Field.

I will be checking in with you from time to time during your session to get feed back from you concerning what you are experiencing. If I sense a change in your energy field, I want to compare what I am sensing to how you are experiencing it.

When I sense that the release is complete, I will Illumine or bring pure light into the Chakra and gently balance all seven Chakras

After the Illumination process is complete,  I will suggest some activities to support continued release and integration.

The first time we meet for energy work entire process will take approximately 2 hours. Subsequent sessions are generally 1 and a half hours.

$50 per hour. Sliding scale available.

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In addition to energy healing sessions, I also offer energy empowerments based on Peruvian teachings.

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